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We live, train and work in Arctic Alaska.

Our Programs

Our training programs stand up to the standards set by industry, business and government partners; they follow the guidelines of national associations, industry organizations; they are benchmarked with accredited University of Alaska programs.

Alaska Technical Center works with our state’s employers to develop training programs for today’s jobs, while preparing you for 21st century careers in which you will have to master technologies that are beyond what we can imagine.

– Cheryl Edenshaw, Director

Our Facilities and Technology

ATC has a brand new multi-million dollar state-of-the-art facility.

Our student-oriented campus is comfortable and welcoming.

Each program has classroom and lab or shop facilities designed based on industry guidelines.

You will train on the same equipment you will use in the workplace.

As sophisticated as we are with our facilities and our technology we never lose sight of our students.